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Edward Rowland Rules



Tournament Controlled by this Club and open to invites - Tournament subject to Licence.




  1. Bowls England Rules apply – all entrants must be Affiliated Clubs

  2. Invited Clubs may enter one or two mens’ rinks. A player can only be named for one team. Each team will be regarded as a separate entry. Players to wear Greys in rounds and Whites on Finals Day.

  3. Two substitutes may be used providing they have not played for any other team. Failure to field a full team will result in a walkover.

  4. Games to be played on the outdoor ground of the first drawn team who are the challengersThey must offer three dates to their opponents, one of which to be a weekend, enabling the game to be played on or before the arranged date by mutual agreement between the clubs. Challengers not to ask for dates to play before 1st May, to allow greens to open. Challengers to offer dates giving at least 48 hours notice between contact and the offered playing dates.

  5. Home team, being the challengers, will be responsible for the green fees or other charges for both teams in the game.

  6. Where a team does not report for play within thirty minutes of the time arranged, the team present shall be entitled to claim a walkover, providing there are no extenuating circumstances.  The decision of the Competition Committee to be final.

  7. All games are 21 ends. An extra end to be played in the case of a tie.

  8. Semi-Finals to be played at Burgess Hill on Saturday, 17th August, at 10.00 a.m.  If due to weather or green conditions will be re-arranged for Sunday, 18th August, at 10.00 a.m. The Final will be played at Burgess Hill on their Finals Day, Sunday, 1st September, 2024.

  9. Score cards to be signed by both skips. Winner to telephone results to the Competition Secretary on the day of play and post the cards first class.  First Game winning skips MUST forward their name and telephone number when sending the result card. The cards can be emailed or scanned.

  10. No rule to be altered without the consent of the Burgess Hill Bowls Club Competition Committee.

  11. Winning team to hold the Edward Rowland Memorial Trophy for one year.

  12. Prize Money will be paid to the Clubs of the winners and runners-up, and not to individual competitors.

  13. Entrance Fee £10 per team, payable with application.

  14. Competition Secretary – Mr. Mike Simmonds, 38 Ravenswood Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0JQ. Telephone: 01444 245273. Email:

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