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Green Opening & Booking Rinks

April 2021

When the green opens on 26th April rinks will again have to be booked in advance. This is because we are limited to 24 people on the green at any time. To book a rink please ring Mick Barnes on 07882070218.


It would be appreciated if you could book a rink for the daytime to allow time for County matches to be played on their set dates. 

The friendly match boards are now out on the table by the changing rooms so you can sign up for games.

2021 Cleaning Rota  & Tea Rota

April 2021

The 2021 Cleaning Rota and Tea Rota are now on the Members Page and can by viewed by clicking on the button.

A hard copy will be on display in the Ladies and Gents toilets from 29th April. 


April 2021

The bar will be open, outside only, from Monday 12th April until 16th May.  It will be open Monday to Friday 12 noon - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm also on Sunday 12 noon to 2pm.

Malcolm will run the bar for the 12 noon - 2pm weekday sessions and the bar rota will operate for the early evening sessions.

Only bar staff are allowed in the clubhouse.

It is planned to have indoor service from 17th May subject to Government ruling on Covid 19. The bar will then be open from 6pm - 10pm Monday to Friday and 12 noon - 2pm Sundays.

The new bar rota is now out but we need more volunteers to do shifts. If you can help please contact Malcolm Mackenzie. Normally you only need to do 1 shift per month unless you would like to do more!

New Club Shirts

April 2021

The new club shirts have arrived and are available for collection from the Hon Mem Sec Anne Barnes. Please phone her to arrange when you can pick yours up.

GR Teamwear in Church Road will print Burgess Hill Bowls Club and your name on the sleeve for £6.

New arrangements for the women’s County/National competitions for 2021

August 2020

Zone B – An important change for all individual National/County competitions i.e. Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and Senior Fours. These will be played in 2021 on Challengers greens, probably in two Groups the same as the Unbadged Pairs competition etc. were played in previous  years. This decision has been agreed due to the possibility that only limited numbers will be allowed to play at one time, and also it would be virtually impossible to enforce social distancing if they were held at one venue as before, in Beach House Park. Also, the Officers running the competitions do not have adequate accommodation to safely deal with large numbers having to register, and pick up and return  their score  cards etc. at one time. The logistical problems involved in putting out bowling equipment on multiple greens must also be considered. Also, the key workers at Worthing Council i.e. Dave the excellent and helpful Green keeper, that Tina and Wendy have dealt with for a number of years, have left the Council, and the thought of having to re-negotiate with Council Officials at the start of 2021 is not relished.


You may think that this radical change should be the subject of a Recommendation, but I consider that in these extremely challenging times, the G.P.C. has the right to make decisions that will affect the safety and well-being of our members, including our Officers.


County Handbook – within the time parameters available it will be impossible to carry out all the work required to allow the Competition Draws to be published in the County Handbook, and the Competition Secretaries have agreed that the Draws will be posted on the Sussex County Bowls Website (as they have been in previous years) as soon as possible after the work has been completed. The question of those competitors not being on-line was discussed and it was agreed that hopefully one member of a team event will be computer-literate and would advise their team-mates accordingly, and for Singles competitions, the Club Secretaries should be required to print off the requisite information to give to her/his relevant Club members, is so requested.  


The requirement for a County Handbook was also discussed, and although its demise may cause some sadness, it was agreed that for 2021, as for 2020, a County Handbook will not be published, with this decision being reviewed for subsequent years. I will hopefully be able to arrange for all the non-competitions sections of the book to also be published on the Sussex Website.


The above decisions were reached taking into account all available advice from Bowls England and the Government, the average age of the majority of our bowlers, and in the knowledge that no-one can predict what the future has in store. We can only plan ahead on the basis of how precarious the situation still is at the present time. Hopefully, a vaccine will, in the not-too distant future, be found.

If you or any of our members have personal concerns or are concerned for others, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Gill (in confidence) who will do his best to give help and/or support 

Tel: 07508 416466   Email:


April 2020